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Sarah Butts, Stage Director

Craig H. said "I love working with Sarah Butts! She has directed me twice and she’s one of my favorite directors. She comes prepared, creates a relaxed, focused rehearsal atmosphere, and always gives positive feedback along with detailed adjustments. I value her input at Yellowstone Repertory Theatre and hope she will always be a part of our artistic ensemble."

Craig Huisenga | Actor and Artistic Director


Sarah Butts, Stage Director

Jojo S. said "Sarah is one of the most delightful, inspiring, and collaborative directors I have ever worked with. Her insight into truthful storytelling, as well as her commitment to beautiful, and poetic work is what reminds me why I will always collaborate with her again and again. It is what allowed the shows These Shining Lives, as well as Doubt, to succeed so beautifully, and to capture the hearts and souls of her audience. The stories she tells, the characters she develops, and the staging of her pieces leaves you holding your breath."

Jojo Siu | Costume Designer


Sarah Butts, Stage Director

Wilhelm P. said "I felt supported as an artist and safe as a collaborator. Her artistic guidance and leadership freed me to delve deeper into my character and flex my artistic muscles in a way I’d rarely had the opportunity, before. Sarah imbues her leadership with intelligence, fun and warmth."

Wilhelm Peter | Actor 


Sarah Butts, Stage Director

Leah R. said "Sarah is truly a brave and selfless leader, proven by how brilliant of a collaborator she is. Always ready to listen, adapt, engage, but still retain the heart and core of the story at hand. She is the type of person and artist that I would drop near anything in my life for if she asked me to work with her. I treasure her incredible heart and mind that she wholeheartedly puts into her work, as well as the friendship I've been privileged to build with her through making theatre together."

Leah Ramillano | Scenic Designer


Sarah Butts, Stage Director

Matt E. said "Sarah is an incredible director. She’s fearless in her interpretations, constantly collaborative, and passionate to her core. Sarah is a consummate storyteller, which gives her the talent of knowing exactly how to make a show sparkle on opening night."

Matt Eckstein | Lighting Designer


Sarah Butts, Stage Director

Steven H. said "Working with Sarah can only be described as the perfect adventure. I had the privilege to work alongside her in shows as well as under her direction. The ability she has to make rehearsals a safe comforting environment is what every actor wants to experience."


Steven Hrubes | Actor and  Choreographer


Sarah Butts, Stage Director

Dina B. said "When Sarah directed me in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' she created a safe, exciting, and professional environment for all of us to explore our characters and to listen to our impulses. She is excellent at nurturing the actors she directs, and, through her diligent preparation and passion for theatre, she inspires actors to do the work necessary to be fully steeped in our characters and in the world of the play."

Dina Brophy | Actor 

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